Madhacks 2019 Project - Drip Detector


During brainstorming, we wanted to take sustainability and relate it to a college lifestyle. By thinking of particular ways environmental impacts could be tracked we came up with the idea of a web app for a shower timer. By having a way to view your own times and compare them with your friends, shower time and your environmental impact will be greatly reduced.

What it does

Drip Detector runs a timer in a web application that you start at the beginning of your shower. Then when you are done you stop the timer and it gives you feedback on how much water you used, an estimate on your water bill, and total average shower time. Your information is saved on Google Firebase and you are able to compare your averages with others.

How we built it

We used HTML to design the website and JavaScript for various functions and modifications. In our HTML code Bootstrap was utilized for a cleaner looking menu and background. To store data we used Google Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Mark didn't have much experience in JavaScript and HTML, and Reid had never used Google Firebase so there was definitely a learning curve. Also brainstorming and coming up with the outline for our project was tough but once we were set on the idea our work went smoothly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We worked very hard throughout the day and night and learned a great deal about the software we used. We're very proud of our final product as this is our first Hackathon and we were able to come up with a project that we both enjoyed and can use.

What we learned

We learned different ways to use Visual Studio Code in regards to our HTML and JavaScript code. Additionally, we were able to work with domain names and learning Google Firebase. This was also both our first time using Git to collaboratively work on a project!

What is next for Drip Detector

Some ideas we had that we could add to Drip Detector were a music player that started with the timer, then if you go over a certain time limit, the music will either stop or change to a genre that you absolutely hate to get you out of the shower. Also, the username/password combinations saved are on a public database so we would prefer to try and change it to something like a Google login to be more secure. Ultimately we would like to switch this web app over to an iPhone/Android application for ease of access and background function.

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