What it does

DrinkSafe allows users to input simple information about the drinks they've consumed (the number and type), their weight, and the time since their last drink and receive an approximation of the level of their intoxication. The app uses an exponential function to determine blood alcohol concentration based on the amount of alcohol consumed, then sets that level on a ten-point scale to make it easier to understand. If the user is over a certain limit, they are prompted to call either a friend or a cab. Using the user's current location, calling a cab will call a local company if they are in or near a supported city.

Challenges and Accomplishments

DrinkSafe gave me an opportunity to learn how to use Swift 3 and Xcode for the first time. I was able to learn how to use MapKit, how to place phone calls, and how to incorporate custom calculations into apps. One of the major challenges I faced was trying to use Xcode's AutoLayout feature. When I wasn't able to figure out how to adjust font sizes with AutoLayout, I decided to resize every individual element on the screen. After some additional testing, I'm now working on making the process of resizing UI elements simpler.

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