Drinkr is a mobile application that was dreamt of after being on the receiving end of a rather tough grilling of our Capstone demonstration. After the presentation our group went to the campus bar to get some food and drinks. A few drinks later we joked about how great it would be to help other people get their drink on. Shortly after with some actual serious discussion Drinker was born, but we had to remove the 'e' like any respectable tech startup.

We pitched this idea to a lot of people we know and everyone seemed excited so now was the time to act.

Target Users

Drinkr was designed for young adults who want to hit up the local bars and be slightly social about it. We're pretty confident nobody really wants to be that person drinking in the corner alone. Anybody who's of legal drinking age can use this, it's sort of like Tinder for beer buddies.


This whole project has been a blast. Our group is pretty proud of everything we accomplished, but if we had to choose...

  • Being able to choose a bar location using an interactive Map view
  • Use of Facebook's API to generate profiles and set user photos to make it personable
  • When browsing events people are hosting you can tap on the picture of who is attending to see their bio from the events page


After setting aside a dedicated block of time to be able to actually work on our idea and seeing what has been accomplished we're seriously considering continuing our work. We are looking into forming an incorporated business since a local bar from where we are from was interested in advertising with us before Drinkr was even started.


Drinkr is built upon a lot of technologies to make this happen

  • Android - The mobile client
  • Ubuntu Linux - The server
  • PHP - Laravel web framework
  • MySQL - The database

Android Libraries

  • Facebook SDK - Account registration/login
  • PlayServices - Google account services

PHP Libraries

  • PHP-Facebook-SDK-v4 - Facebook SDK for populating user's profile after registration
  • Guzzle - A PHP cURL wrapper
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