Even when adults become parents, alcohol should not be compromised as a part of being a parent. Drinking in moderation and keeping track of alcohol consumption can still allow any dedicated, hard working parent to drink alcohol.....without the consequences.

What it does

An application that tracks the blood alcohol consumption level given the quantity drunk, type of alcohol consumed, weight, gender, as well as time since last drink. Based off the blood alcohol consumption level, the app will notify the user if they are able to drive safely or not, and if not, the app will redirect the user to a safe alternate transportation method (such as Uber).

How I built it

Our team used JAVA for the back end and XML for the front end, while using Android Studio, Sublime Text 2, and intelliJ. We used several android activities to give a simple user interface. For the BAC algorithm, we conducted extensive research to create a complex numerical algorithm.

Challenges I ran into

The algorithm provided its challenges mostly because interpreting the BAC value was difficult due to it differing by weight.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing our first Android application in less than 24 hours

What I learned

How to format Android Applications UI, as well as how to create a real-world backend algorithm

What's next for Drinkmate

Database of more specific drinks and full implementation of the Uber API

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