Approximately 2,000 college students die from intentional alcohol-related injuries her year. Not every college student has someone to teach them how to drink responsibly. Drinking Buddy seeks to mitigate this problem.

What it does

Drinking Buddy is an automated drink mixer. Participants select the drink they would like to order using Drinking Buddy's web browser. Drinking Buddy then prepares the drink, mixing a reasonable ratio of alcohol to mixer. It also keeps track of how many drinks you've had per hour, and if the limits for binge drinking are exceeded, it will cut you off, and force you to wait a duration of time.

How we built it

An Arduino is connected to peristaltic pumps, controlling the alcohol flow into each bottle. For the mixer, an air pump pressurizes the bottle, pushing the mixer out at a higher flow-rate. There are three bottles. One is for the mixer. Two are for alcohol. The liquids funnel into a cup, or bottle.

Challenges we ran into

Structuring the bottles in a way in which the air within them was pressurized enough to omit the amount of liquid needed was an initial challenged that required a bit of tinkering. Additionally, we had to reconfigure one of the pumps because it was damaged in shipment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Eventually all of this tinkering resulted in the ratio that we had been looking for between drink and mixer.

What we learned

What's next for drinking_buddy

Height & Weight: While the height and weight features are there, they are not fully functional yet. When a user enters these features, Drinking Buddy will more easily be able to assess the amount of alcohol an individual can safely consume in a given time frame. Drink Customization: Instead of selecting one of three predefined drinks, in the future, Drink Buddy will allow users to text or enter the type of drink they want. Sanitization: For the purposes of this demo, Drinking Buddy uses food-colored water. In order to sanitize Drinking Buddy after each use, we will need to sent water or another cleaning agent through the tubes in order to create good-tasting drinks each use.

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