Drinking Pal design was inspired by modern and minimalistic UIs that are easy and fast to use.

What it does

It helps users in several ways: Takes tests of blood content in their blood and log them for future reference. It also searches for nearest bars, hospitals, taxis and hotels using the device GPS.

How I built it

I built it using the Adobe AIR, Starling Framework and Feathers UI stack. This gives the app a solid performance on all devices by using the GPU for all graphic tasks, freeing the CPU for only I/O operations.

Challenges I ran into

Implementing the OAuth 1.0a protocol was difficult since it's very hard to properly debug it in Adobe AIR, a lot of trial and error was made to make it work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learnt and understood the OAuth 1.0a protocol so well it will no longer be a hassle to use it. Using the Yelp API was very neat, very clean and well documented.

What's next for Drinking Pal

Open source it, so the community can learn from it.

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