Knowing problems that we face as millennial we wanted to find a unique way to combine our love for technology with our demand for instant gratification. We had the idea long before coming to the hackathon but after coming and being inspired by the introductions of both Interac and RBC we wanted to create an application that would combine the challenges they gave us.

What It Does

DrinkEasy allows you to efficiently pay for and keep track of drink and drink related purchases.

How We Built It

DrinkEasy combines a REST API with the payment services offered by Interac, coupled with a powerful React framework.

Challenges we faced

1) The Interac slideshow containing important API information contained inconsistencies. 2) At 6am this morning, a bug caused all of the information in our database to be corrupted. 3) The time constraints hampered our ability to complete all of our functionalities. 4) The previous, coupled with our enthusiasm to work with new unfamiliar technologies posed an uphill battle.

Accomplishments we're proud of

1)We built a fully functioning web app as well as a mobile app within a few hours. 2) Despite not being able to complete the Interac functionality, we now have a very good understanding of the technology and are anxious to use it in the future. 3) We were able to work efficiently and be productive with a new team, having no conflict and seamless integration.

What we learned

We learned that tasks that we usually complete in weeks or months can be efficiently produced in short periods of time with the right motivation, mindset and teamwork.

What's next for DrinkEasy

We hope to implement and complete functionality of a few features namely: 1) Verify amount being sent before receiving payments. 2) Split bills between friends 3) Customize drink orders 4) Add pay in cash option

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