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Drinkade is where the Mini Arcade games meet Mobile shopping. It is inspired by various party games we played at the bar. The prototype only includes one small guessing game about drink brands. It is an experiment for a new kind of shopping experience.

About the 'Guess Not' game

It is about guessing which one of the brands on the board is not a drink brand matching a particular type of drink. If player guessed right, he/she can get a bonus discount, free beer, or promo code as a reward. It attempts to entice the user with something spontaneous and fun. In the meantime, it speeds up their shopping experience without doing searching and filtering over 300+ drinks.

App Features

  • Streamlined shopping experience Every element in the app is guiding and encouraging user to a purchasing decision with as little taps and scrolling as possible.

  • New and Fun Shopping Mechanic

    Drinkade is neither trying to be another arcade game nor another mobile social shopping app, it is an experiment to find a new way to bring game interactions to mobile shopping experience. It may not limit to just one game, but many more to come.

  • Not just a game, but a glimpse of a potential platform Drinkade attempts to mix game and shopping to find a new path for browsing through hundred of items that were meant to entertain us and make us happy, just like games. If we could all look for a bit of randomness, there could be a new way for a faster and happier shopping experience.

  • Smart API Data Processing

Drinkade engine converts menu data from delivery.com API into randomized puzzle asset. It has custom parsers to parse out drink brands from raw data to tone out the noise and make things playable. It also create random shuffling mechanism around Drink type to speed up the shopping experience.

  • Geolocation enabled

    The app comes with geolocation detection right off the bat. It doesn't wait for users to press search to tell them what's available nearby.

  • Push for simplicity over feature complete

    Drinkade only offers pickup service at the moment. It tailors to users on-the-go and aims for enticing the users with bonus rewards points, promotions and discounts to generate more small payments rather than looking for a $150 delivery at once. But delivery service could be easily integrated with the experience in the future.

  • Simple HTML5 app written from scratch for snappy user experience The app is written with pure jquery, XDK and Cordova's hybrid APIs. No MVCs or big CSS libraries such as Bootstrap or jQuery mobile. The animations and graphic effects are all optimized for mobile devices for best user experience.

  • Leverage Delivery brand and existing platform.

    Big Buttons at key places to redirect users who look for more complete shopping experience to the official site. Drinkade doesn't intend to reinvent the wheel that already works, but attempts to be anew promotion channel to attract new customers out there to delivery.com platform.

About me

I am a part-time indie arcade game developer since 2009, while I was still an university sophomore at the time. I built a freelance shop called Paracade and was the producer of a major game called Great Siege on Kongregate.

Arcade games have always been my passion since childhood. They inspired me to integrate fun gaming mechanics with shopping experience in Drinkade. My primary target audience for Drinkade are people who look for a bit of spontaneous twist in their drink ordering process: “Try something new, see if you like it”. I believe that with enough twists in games and business support, there could be an opportunity for a partnership to build an interactive platform and promotional channel with both refreshing customer engagement and solid business potential.

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