Since we were new to coding especially in a hacking competition such as this and also to the overall coding competition excluding robotics, we wanted to try to build an app using online tools. So we thought of the app called drink up which can be used in the parties since most weekends especially during college times, students drink a lot.

What it does

The primary purpose of the app is to keep track of different types of a number of drinks a person takes, send warning messages using an alarm once the limit hits the threshold which has been set by the player or a default limit. Once the player's drink count crosses the threshold, our app calls our friends or our parents to notify them of our condition since overdrinking has become a problem among college students. This is what we intended to make. But all we were able to build was the counter and some button functionality.

How we built it

We built it using the android studio app, primarily used for making applications compatible with android devices. It uses languages such as XML and Java.

Challenges we ran into

We initially wanted to build the app using Adobe XD. We were able to create the graphic version such as the home screen and bars but were not able to achieve any functionality for our app's purpose. Next, we wanted to use appy, an online application maker. But felt that it would be best if we write actual code so that we can improve our code skills. Finally, we ended up using Android Studios. We have experience with Java due to classroom lessons but only restricted to them. So, we had to watch various youtube videos and take online helps to understand our concepts and apply them to our projects. We haven't achieved much but surely have gotten a feel of the competition, learned new code and also found interesting things.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to make a very basic app with minimal knowledge gained during our time programming at the hackathon despite our inexperience with coding. We did find areas where are more interested in programming and are happy to build on them.

What we learned

We learned new programing skills, got the experience of the competition/

What's next for Drink Up!

We may try and develop it further, once we hone our basics of android studios.

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