What if your phone and smartwatch can look out for you while you drink? You'd drink safely with a peace of mind. Not only will you be warned when you're drinking too much, but your bank account will be protected from unintended expenditures and your trusted friends notified too.

What it does

Drunk Psychic is an Android and Pebble Watch app that can tell when you're too drunk. When you're too drunk, Drunk Psychic puts a hold on your bank account, preventing you from spending beyond your intentions and means. In addition, Drunk Psychic sends SMS messages to friends who care.

How It Works

  1. To determine sobriety, simply open the app on Android. The companion Pebble Watch app activates automatically.
  2. Stretch out your arms to the side and give the Pebble Watch a flick.
  3. Walk straight. Using the on-board accelerometer, the Pebble Watch determines the jerkiness and straightness of the walk.
  4. If you're too drunk, Drunk Psychic protects your bank account and drafts a message for you to send to your friends.

How we built it

We approached this hack from 3 angles: the Android app, the Nessie API from CapitalOne, and the Pebble Watch app.

Pebble Watch The Drunk Psychic Pebble app is designed with a simple, friendly and pleasing user interface. The Pebble app makes use of the built-in accelerometer to determine the nature and characteristics of the user's walk. Raw measurements from the accelerometer are fed into a calibrated algorithm that reliably determines if the user's walk is regular or excessively alcohol-induced.

CapitalOne Nessie API We used CapitalOne's Nessie API to determine the amount of money in a user's Checking and Savings account. This information is really useful for calculating how much money in Checking the app should help protect.

Android App The Android app ties the various features and systems together. It's also the primary user interface - it's just as simple and friendly to use as the Pebble app, but it contains much more information. We designed the Android app such that when the sobreity test is requested, the Pebble app activates automatically, leading to a seamless transition between these 2 devices. At the end of a test, the Pebble app reports various performance metrics to the Android app. These metrics determine if further actions such as Checkings account protection and automated friend messaging are activated.

Challenges we ran into

3/4 of the team have never done Android app programming before, and none of us has used/programmed a Pebble watch before. We encountered a steep learning curve. In addition, we struggled with making the asynchronous calls to CapitalOne's Nessie API work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud to have completed an Android+Pebble project since most of us have never programmed an Android app before. Programming the Pebble watch is also new to everyone on the team. Given that no one has even used a Pebble watch before, we're proud to have come up with an Android+Pebble experience that is seamless and not too far off from what great Android+Pebble apps offer.

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