Inspiration Constellation brands and similar companies want a way to creatively connect with their customers on multiple touch points. This means being able to deliver a digital experience to accompany an enjoyed upon physical product. By employing the concept of omnichannel content, these services can be provided to the customer in an intuitive and interactive way.

On a personal note, we were inspired as a team to harness our various skills to create a unified, multi-leveled application. With backgrounds in computer science, software/electrical engineering, and 3D animation, our team wanted to come together to help Constellation Brands (a company we have grown close to!) amplify their customer services.

What it does Our mobile app has multiple features, each providing a different service for the user. The three sections contained in the app are Products, Recipes, and Filters.

The Products tab displays a list of Constellation Brands' products including their wines, beers, and spirits. The user can filter these products by clicking one of the tabs at the top to sort by type of product, as well as using a drop-down menu to sort by calories, price, and name. The user can click on a product that interests them to open up the product details, including a description of the product, an opportunity to purchase the product, and recommendations of other products based on the one they are currently viewing. The purchasing aspect may be linked with the Wegmans API in the future to grab information based on price, where to purchase, and nutrition. It may also be used to notify the user of price fluctuation and coupons!

In the Recipes tab, users can interact with a digital assistant to find cocktail and food recipes. Through voice assistance and recorded messages, the user can interact with the application hand-free while also having a record of past conversations. This also accommodates hard of hearing individuals who may not be able to use sound technology. In future plans, this will also harness the Wegmans API to access their database of recipes.

Additionally, the Filters section will connect users to Snapchat for unique, fun filters. Users can also unlock special filters through physical bottle caps and coasters. These combined tactics will encourage users to share and advertise Constellation Brands products while increasing purchases to unlock more fun! This opens up a possible market for merch that can be implemented in future filters.

How we built it After much brainstorming, we began our AR testing in Spark AR, self teaching ourselves along the way. However, we discovered that their capabilities are weaker than those of Lens Studio, so we switched to the other program. We then used GitHub to set up a repository to share code created in Android Studio with the Java language. This was tested by demoing the application on our phone when a change is made. Additionally, we modeled, textured, and animated 3D assets to insert in our AR lens program in Lens Studio. Through image tracking and face recognition, we were able to create eight unique filters for Constellation Brands products.

Challenges we ran into First off, we had too wide of a variety of ideas that made it difficult to focus on one central task. Eventually, we solved this by showcasing our strongest ideas in a central program (mobile application!). This allowed us to divide and conquer, utilizing our strengths to support each other. This resulted in a unified program with various ideas from which you may select what excites you.

In addition, we overcame difficulties of the learning curves in downloading and learning new software. Coupled with a busy Internet connection and long brainstorming sessions, we began the hackathon with poor time management. We turned this around through focused work and teaching ourselves the skills necessary for the various new environments we collaborated in.

Accomplishments that we're proud of Despite being faced with numerous ideas and hurdles, we were able to adapt our concepts to a single, unified, and user integrated application. It is incredibly humbling to see how this challenging work experience comes together after hours of planning and hacking. We are specifically proud of having a basic functioning application and multiple published Snapchat lenses/filters with high engagement rates. Additionally, we are proud of our selfie-taking abilities (especially with Constellation Brands merch)!

What we learned The main concept that we learned is to focus on one idea before getting overwhelmed with others. We learned to not spread ourselves too thin and focus on completing our strongest idea before moving on to other areas of interest. In addition, we now understand the importance of allotting ourselves ample time for the adversities faced in the process while being resilient to challenges.

What's next for Drink Link There is much room for future plans within the Drink Link application. First, we would like to apply the Wegmans API to better retrieve information regarding price fluctuation, a recipe database, and product data. Secondly, we plan to implement a feedback section with room for critiques and app improvement. We find it important to receive feedback from users in order to maximize the efficiency and satisfaction of the app. Finally, we plan to do real implementation of the filter tracking with real products such as bottle caps and coasters. There are countless other ideas that we have (trust me, we brainstormed for awhile), and thus there is much room for Constellation Brands to expand upon this idea.

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