It's time for the boot camp! Whether you want to loose weight, just have fun tracking your progress or in need of a serious push. He is there for you. 24/7. Get Notifications when he wants to know your status so you will have a hard time to procrastinate.


I need to stay motivated so I created Drill Sergeant. Before that I was thinking about creating him for 2+ years. Obviously I would have needed Drill Sergeant much earlier ...

What he does

he kicks *§$)=!$/ ... track your progress, earn medals and trophies on your way to a better version of yourself. He sure can help you.

How I built it

with a lot of nerves

Challenges we ran into

Nice animations - I think we are now some kind of APL experts :-) We created some sort of secondary language in javascript to deal with the complexity of APL. Now we just call a few methods to create new views with nice animations. We made some os scripts (node + apple script) to review any code changes directly on alexa without pressing anything.

Unfortunately alexa had a bit of a hard time to connect to the server when we tried to make a comprehensive video (super last minute of course) so not all animations (for example with the face) didn't make it to the video. Unfortunately not in the video: nice character animations with eyes and body parts, notifications, daily checkup, challenges etc

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everything - especially the nice menu and character animations done with APL. And that I "finished" it after having the idea for it for some time now -> 2017

What I learned

a lot! well, loooooooooot. On our way to finish the drill sergeant we also made a skill that allows a user to create a template with animations controlled only by voice. Unfortunately time was a bit limited so I couldn't make a demo video for that skill as well.

What's next for Drill Sergeant

  • a better demo video!!! and demo page
  • Graphics as avg ("svg") instead of pngs.
  • Currently the graphs are generated on the server and then rendered on the alexa device. We are looking forward to deliver all of them as avg. more supported sports / challenges / goals and more features realise my other coach ideas

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