Ever since our freshman year started we noticed a huge influx of events, workshops, etc. in various departments following a flood of telegram/WhatsApp/discord groups, sometimes these floods engulfed the events of interest of a student, furthermore approaching a faculty or student for research or project interests has never been more difficult since the dawn of the pandemic. Hence, we decided to initiate the process of bringing everything together, every department, every society, and every student on one platform called Dribblin.


A professional pro bono clutter-free social media platform for students, faculties, societies, departments, and universities to help connect, expand, and host events which ultimately provides ease of management, increase the scope of discovery and collaboration for research or academic projects irrespective of the organization.

Team Information

Our team is dedicated to serving the educational community around the world and providing fair opportunities for all. Our team consists of 9 members (ranging from full stack developers to social media managers) out of which 4 are participating in the competition, here are a few details about them:

Aditya Gusain : A full-time developer with a mind of an entrepreneur, he works to achieve his goal. A team player with a calm mind, he values feedback and never fails to deliver the best. He possesses a helping nature and helps his peers in any way possible

Harshit Sati: A Data Science enthusiast, Harshit is an active contributor and collaborator in the Data Science communities, he specializes in machine learning and is currently learning the practices of MLOps in the Industry.

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