Why spend lots of money on books that you are just going to use for a year or two when you can buy a phone and use an app for a lifetime? Phones running on KaiOS are really cheap compared to the price of expensive exam price books, plural. Plus, it seems like education tools are not a great area of focus in the Kai Store since we only say very few of those. Education doesn't even have a tab now when it actually is an area that covers more than half of any demographic per se. We believe this is going to be the next gold mine in the Kai Store and it will also make KaiOS more favorable for poor parents who cannot afford to buy smartphones for their kids, or not want to put a target on their 12-year old by giving them the latest big phone. It is also a bit less distracting compared to other phones. Making education apps on KaiOS will help reach people who can't afford to keep up with the academic world due to their financial shortcomings. An app is definitely a cheaper way to study than buying hard copy books, as people without smartphones currently do.

What it does

Preps students for exams. Especially standardized and national exams. It will have flashcards, multiple-choice questions from previous year exams and mock exams.

How we built it

We used Vue.js to build it for KaiOS. Momentarily we chose not to use an API because building an API for 3 exams seemed like overkill. We made JSONs of three exams for development purposes which will be replaced by JSON from the API once we acquire a well-established dataset.

Challenges we ran into

  • Unavailability of exams in usable formats.
  • Some learning curves while adjusting our development for KaiOS ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • We made a really good app, in just a day and a half. ## What we learned
  • KaiOS app development, to some extent and we were exposed to some APIs. ## What's next for Prep Buddy
  • Finalizing the development and deploying the first version to the Kai Store.

Built With

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