Forget about having to go to go to the fitting room to try out new outfits. DressMeUp allows you to visualize how your clothing items would look like on a 3D model of yourself. The concept is simple: Take a picture of the clothing item, and the app will display it. The app also keeps a digital copy of the items in your wardrobe, so you can for instance match T-shirts and trousers.

Built in 24 hours. Watch video for demo !

How we built it

We built the app in Unity3D (scripting in Javascript) and android studio. The app loads a 3D model and, given a link to an image on the web, retrieves the target image, and uses it as a texture for the 3D model. The extraction of the T-shirt from an image relies on an ad-hoc segmentation algorithm (which would need substantial improvements) but which works for some simple stable cases.

What's next for DressMeUp

  • Functionality: Add camera input.
  • Improve segmentation algorithm which detects and cuts out the T-shirt from an arbitrary image input.
  • Add softbody simulation of the tshirt to see what it would really look like on an accurate 3D model of the body.

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