Story Behind the Code


True story, Team Lead Tom Ortega needed to buy jeans. He posted to Facebook a plea for help. He followed up with additional pictures as he went through his shopping trip. Comments came in fast and furious. Friends thought it was really fun to help be virtual shoppers with a real world shopper. Tom had so much fun he registered in hopes of someday maybe building an app around that experience. The ideas and work stopped there, just a lonely url with no code, work or effort. Just a placeholder for future greatness.

Fast forward a few months, we're sitting in City View at the Salesforce Hackathon. We're trying to think of something fun to build that utilizes as our backend. It dawns on us, "What about that shopping app idea? Let's build that!" A consensus is made and work commences.

Target Users

We expect that the majority of our users will be female. However, men who are unfashionable, may see the app as a tool for improving their wardrobe.

We see the usage of our app easily expanding into business markets for professionals who offer personal shopping and/or image consulting services.

We'd like to see retailers adopt and implement the idea. By doing so they will begin to provide engaging ways to interact with their customers, increase the effectiveness of social proof, and ultimately sell more products.

Key Feature

The key feature we are most proud of is the ability to have a social shopping experience with a specific group of friends vs the whole world on Facebook.

Business Potential

Social media has been a hot topic for a few years now, but few people actually use it correctly. With our app, we're able to use the social concept, but bring the usage into focus, enabling the user to have a more positive and effective experience.

For the professional service providers, we can see this app becoming a tool to provide a more personal and tailored service.

Acquiring Customers

Like other social platforms, you cant have 1 user. So as users try the app, they'll have to invite their friends to download the app in order to participate. With in-app features like accessing contacts and connecting with social media accounts, user acquisition will grow.

As the idea is adopted, implemented, and customized by retailers, they will be able to easily expose their customers directly to the concept. And hopefully they'll customize the in-store experience to provide better customer service which will lead to more acquisition.

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