Introducing Dress Right

Wondering what to wear? Dress Right is your Digital Stylist to make you feel prepared and confident by checking the weather forecast and recommending outfits that fit your personal style.

Our Vision

Every morning people wonder what to wear and turn to Dress Right for help. Dress Right has already prepared over 980,000 users for their day, increasingly becoming a staple in morning routines. Next, Dress Right will become the definitive Digital Stylist by coaching users to maximize their closet and finding fresh pieces to elevate your style. Leveraging machine vision, Dress Right will understand your closets and develop personal style profiles to recommend complementary products through a seamless shopping experience.

It All Starts With Voice

Dress Right harnesses the power of voice to help you grow and define your style. Through quick and friendly conversations Dress Right We are focused on the user experience, incorporating feedback to rapidly develop features targeting the interactions that matter most. By engaging with you every day and naturally anticipating their needs, Dress Right will change the way people dress, shop, and express their style.

Dress Right Premium

With Dress Right Premium, make it even easier to discover new looks and simplify your morning routine. Features:

  • Outfit of the Day Notifications: Wake up knowing exactly what to wear with a daily forecast and outfit of the day. Customize notifications by day of the week to fit your schedule. Try saying "Set up notifications" to get started
  • Send to Phone: A picture is worth a thousand words! Send photos of any of your favorite Dress Right outfits directly to your phone to inspire your own look. Try saying "Send to my phone" next time you want to see what an outfit looks like.

Everywhere You Are

Dress Right is available on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby and web.

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posted an update

Thanks to the reviewers who have left feedback on this project we've tightened up some of the dialogue and shortened some of the repetitive aspects of reading the weather. This should improve the user experience every time they open the app!

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