As young socialites, we want to incorporate our love for fashion and technology. We find that many people spend too much time thinking about an outfit and still cannot come up with a decision. Finding a suitable outfit online can now be done in a matter of seconds using your voice.

What it does

Our project uses Google Assistant (compatible with the Google Home Mini) to help you pick out an outfit based on the weather/temperature, your occasion (business, casual, sporty, etc.), and your history/preferences.

How we built it

We built actions for Google Assistant using Google Actions, then we used the dialogflow console, firebase, javascript to create a conversation between the Google Assistant and the user. This prompted a response from the user, allowing the user to pick specific styles of clothing ideally based off weather and preference/history.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult part was implementing external API's to our code. We still couldn't fully figure out how to implement the weather API into our application despite having it work independently. Time management was a struggle for our team, as we had to learn new API's and languages from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Considering this was our first hackathon, we are proud of the simple, working model we have created so far. Despite only scratching the surface with our application, we're proud of expanding on existing technology, making new connections, and collaborating successfully.

What we learned

We learned new concepts using Google Assistant by building our own commands and conversations. Most importantly, we learned that teamwork makes the dream work. All of us had distinct strengths, and by splitting up the tasks based on our strengths, we were able to draft an idea, create something from nothing and present it.

What's next for Dress Relief by JASS

We believe in the internet of things, so we created JASS to become the Watson to Sherlock (Apple's search application before spotlight). We want JASS to be expanded to fill all the gaps Google, Alexa, and even Siri could not cover. In the future, we want to successfully implement the weather API to sort through the best outfits to your liking and implement AI to keep track of your styles and choices - making it a scalable project.

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