Help people, able-bodied and those with physical disabilities, get dressed and fasten garments easier, like those with hard-to-reach zippers on the back of dresses.

What it does

Velcro strips attached to the zippers help guide the robot up and down the zipper to fasten and un-fasten it. The robot uses a microcontroller that is controlled by an Android application.

How we built it

Tiny Circuits Tinyduino, motor shield, morots, 3-d printed frame and wheels, Velcro, mBot Kit components, and an Android mobile app to control the robot via a tinyduino bluetooth module

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to use magnets but we did not have strong enough materials.We also ran into some issues with the manufacturing of the robot parts and figuring out the different mechanisms of our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the design and the mechanisms we came up with, and the Velcro solution we had to our magnet problem

What we learned

Magnet tape is weak. We learned more about mechanical engineering and how microcontrollers and their different attachable components work

What's next for Dress Me Bot

More efficient and compact design, basically want to make it virtually invisible and more fashionable and easy to use. This will be accomplished with access to better and more expensive components, and more time. We also want to use this kind of technology to fasten other garments and make the processes of getting dressed easier than ever before in more innovative ways.

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