Our inspiration was to bridge real world assets to DeFi. In this case we decided to go for the Real Estate Market, being one of the biggest asset markets in the world, with a huge disruption potential.

What it does

DREM is a marketplace for tokenized real estate with its own liquidity protocol.

How we built it

DREM was built with .NET, the Algorand SDK and Vue.JS

Components: *Marketplace with Algorand NFTs *Liquidity Protocol *Whitelisting for KYC integration *Algorand Authentication

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was to make the video presentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a Nugget package for AlgorandAuthentification, which can be used to implement a whitelisting layer for KYC, creating a voting system for DAO┬┤s on Algorand, creating the liquidity protocol

What's next for DREM - Decentralized DeFi NFT Real Estate marketplace

Incorporating the legal entity for the DAO

Built With

  • .net
  • algorand
  • next.js
  • vue
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