Dree store inspiration came from the idea of malls where everyone or every business has a physical room to operate in. Then the question came in what if we can repeat this on the internet? . From there, we got inspired to replicate that on the internet. And to make it a real success, we thought that giving the owner of a certain shop full ownership of their shop would be the best idea. That's why we decided to turn every shop into an NFT so that the owner can decide to post items, remove them or delete the entire shop when they want not when the platform feels like. The second solution we wanted to solve is to give all the profit to the store owner. Instead of relying on certain entities to move money and process payments, the blockchain will handle all that with no additional fees.

What it does

This app helps clients to find the items that they want without any struggle. All the items are organised according to certain categories like electronics, shoes ... This is a place for customers to find their items and for sellers to easily get clients come to them effortlessly.

How we built it

Dree store is built on top of polygon and deployed on Alchemy. All the shops are minted and they live on the polygon blockchain . For all database actions and storage, we're using moralis for its simplicity and efficiency to quickly store and retrieve all our stores and items. For permanent storage of our metadata, we're using The whole frontend is built with next.js .

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was to create the best user experience for our users by making the app very easy to use. Another issue was to create the architecture for the smart contract and the frontend to assign right items to the right stores without scarifying the performance of the app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we finally came up to architecture our store in a way that we can scale and have as many users as we can.

What we learned

At this stage, I came to learn more about smart contract architecture and gas optimisation. I also had to dig deep into Moralis

What's next for Dree-store

The next step for us will be to release the app in production and get feedback from users so that we can be able to implement more features and change where needed so that we can bring this web3 space mainstream.

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