Anonymous Content sharing platform strictly restricting to dreams . Dreams sometime bring out innovations, fantasy , creativeness and also i believe people having similar dreams can emotionally connect well with each other.

Privacy safe content sharing social platform - strictly sharing about what's your last night dream is all about. The platform is not to be judged by anyone as all the content posted by the user are shared anonymously in our gallery. Dreams usually don't have logic and are full of images and the persons they have seen. They are short stories which could be conveyed over our platform to comment about their crazy dreams. The anonymous users will be not be able to connect to each other as traditional social sharing platform , but instead comment on on the posts that have been posted by other anonymous users. Personal identifiable information is strictly prohibited from sharing and if they share , we are not deemed responsible for their actions.The content you share will not be judged for any psychiatric or disability reasons but should strictly adhere to community guidelines.

What it does

Social content sharing platform where users will be able to view the other users post in our gallery area. There is scratch pad where the user could edit their content and interact with emoji's. I made it as user-friendly as possible. Initial steps lead you to what the platform is all about and also the help section tells you the guidelines to post your contents.

How I built it

I had 1 week to build this app from scratch. Though some functionality are not achieved due to time constraints. I used java , servlets 3.0 , jsp , jstl , maven, jquery , javascript , external jquery plugins to show contents and used stackoverflow for code guide.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating okta to the application was a challenge. I had very limited time but the documentation was good but would need more time for perfect end to end integration of the user sessions. The scratch pad design was challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the app functionality works as expected. Would be able to deliver more if given more timeframe though i started very late had just 1 week to complete.

What I learned

Front end development , jquery plugin integration and form submission to the server side and validation and AJAX integration.

What's next for Dreamy Mashrooma Privacy safe content sharing platform

Integrate with Okta, Google NLP and Twilio and onboard doctors if the users would like to share anonymously about their moods and sentiments and their thoughts in a secure way in watsapp.

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