Today’s consumers expect a seamless experience across all the channels they use. They want to start researching about a product or service on their mobile device, buy it on a website, engage with a brand on social media & have their issues resolved via a secure & personalized channel. Usually, live agents are not available 24/7 and customer feel frustration to solve his/her problems which is a bad thing for the brand. Millennials spent most of the time on chat interface e.g WhatsApp, FB messenger and they are fed up with complex search/graphical interface and want convenient and personalized interface for all their routine work including shopping

Our platform will not just allow retailers to reach consumers on the device they most frequently use, but also goes one step further and bringing in chatbot functionality, to ensure instant dialogue with customers is always on offer. Chatbots will take on-board a question or query and automatically suggest a solution, related topics of interest and even demonstrate humor and emotion. Enquiries about delivery and returns can be answered, just as they would in-store, face-to-face. Whatever the customer needs to know, they can be satisfied 24/7 by an automated service, which has the capacity to help or elevate any complicated issues to a human as needed. Consumers want help, advice and even nurturing through the decision-making process; it makes the whole encounter effortless for them, establishing a rapport between the shopper and the brand. With the ability to accept payments through chatbots, retailers now have the power to turn automated conversations into transactions, completing the purchase without shoppers having to leave the application. Chatbots reduce customer cost in terms of time and bring convenience and personalized response and foster meaningful, long-lasting customer relationships. On the other hand, operational cost for customer support will be reduced.
The whole experience of customer journey becomes more fluid, delivering simple, direct convenience with the personal touch and decision support that a consumer expects from human interaction

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