Say I have an idea of a cat ear headphone, as I’m talking I have already sketched a prototype on paper. But what is the next step? Who can realize my idea? Do I need to find VC to back me up and suggest manufacturers? Or should I hire a consultant and have him contact his pocket list of manufacturers? But at the end of the day, I just want to build my product…

Manufacturers are all around the world, but how do you connect your original, primitive idea with them? How do you know who is trustworthy?

This is why we design this platform where manufacturers and idea creators meet. We envision that anyone with just a sketch of his dream product can come here and get connected with manufacturers to discuss and realize his product.

Through our recommender cloud service, idea creators can optimize and customize their supply chains, manufacturers can get reviews from their customers and meet potential clients. Let's welcome the new era of hardware design.

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