The inspiration behind Dreamscape is to help those suffering from stress, anxiety, and other illnesses, to find relief through meditation in a VR world

What it does

Places the user into a virtual world that promotes peace and relaxation through meditation.

How we built it

Built using Unity, Google Daydream headset and mobile application, and the Android SDK.

Challenges we ran into

  • Learning how to use and work with Unity.
  • Setting up the environment. We had plans to use two different scenes but ended up just using one of the two that we built due to time constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Being able to adapt and build a product using tools we hadn't used before this hackathon.
  • Building an Android application through Unity.
  • Building a virtual world through Unity

What we learned

  • Learned how to use the Daydream SDK along with Unity to build a 3D VR World for Android.

What's next for Dreamscape

  • Plans to add Teleportation-based movement
  • The ability to draw using the Daydream controller
  • More Worlds!

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