Mental health is a pressing issue in our society right now. Some people even lose the battle against it. We want everyone to dance their way through life. We hope to help those feeling depressed, to feel happy and those happy to feel even happier.

What it does

It allows the user to enter a log entry about their day. By using a natural language processing api, we were able to detect the emotion of the user. Based off the detected emotion, the app then suggests a playlist for the user . This playlist is determined through a Spotify api.

Challenges we ran into

-The newest version of the Spotify Android SDK Player failed to resolve, after trying for numerous hours and numerous methods, we switched to beta23 (the previous version) which resolved and allowed us to continue -Android Studio itself, emulation environment (slows down progress) -Learning new syntaxes -Looking through stack overflow for what exactly we need -Brainstorming and deciding what we want to do because we had a lot of ideas we wanted to implement here -Learning Front-End/Designing UI

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our entire team's first hackathon! Using IBM Watson to do NLP Coming here and trying something I’ve never tried before Learning how to actually use Java in a professional way Learning how to successfully implement and utilize API’s and SDK’s into an app/website

What we learned

-App development is a long-term process - a lot of creativity and components make it up -Not knowing team members is a plus

What's next for DREAMLIST


Working on NLP to take note of words inputted in logs to automatically play a playlist that they will enjoy Incorporating machine learning in terms of what type of music they skip and personalize the playlist for them Using the logs, in the future, we can create the space to be more like a blog for the user. With this blog, they can allow their logs to be either public or private depending on what they want


We want to create a database of counselors/people they can talk to on their own campus and in the city around them We plan to implement a chat bot between users and counselors in the future to remain anonymous but able to reach out to someone at the same time

Main Page

This page will have the most recent posts in the items they flag as trending Using machine learning, knowing what the user likes, the app can suggest things to do to help cheer them up The main page will also include news that restores faith in humanity for people (good/positive news)

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