Google's DeepDream neural network is around for quite some time now. Although it creates fantastic psychedelic images, it still lacks the best part of human dreaming: the rapid eye movements during the so-called REM sleep. So why not combine human eye interaction with DeepDream somehow?

What it does

This project aims to combine DeepDream's capabilities with the actual eye movement of the user and tries to generate some cool art. To accomplish this, the web application tracks your eye focus point from a webcam and maps it onto the image. We are then able to create clusters of the most interesting regions in the image. These regions are put together into a collage and then fed to DeepDream.

How we built it

The application basically consists of a website with a python back-end. Libraries used include: webgazer.js, flask and

Challenges we ran into

None of us is a webdeveloper, so building a website was quite time consuming. Apart from that: Bugs, bugs, bugs....

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to track the eye movement in a nice-looking, client-side webapplication!

What we learned

Basic Webdesign REST-API Backend written with Flask

What's next for DreamGazer

There are still a lot of bugs and the DeepDream integration is not finished.

Built With

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