Large consulting MNC such as Big 4 hires over 90,000 workforce every year to keep up with project client demands. Project managers have to sometimes interview up to 10 candidates for each permanent position they need to fill. Not only does this take up a huge amount of time, it is also costly for companies to have excess full time employees during non-peak periods.

While freelance workforce may be a solution for small companies, audit and fraud risk when hiring risky freelancers on top of excessive contracting work makes it impossible for large auditing firm to leverage on such a hiring model in a fail-safe manner.

To reduce risk and optimize cost savings for workforce, we came up with DreamForce, an app that allows you to employ an adaptive workforce on demand powered by BlockChain technology to reduce fraud risk.

What it does

DreamForce enables companies to obtain reputable liquid workforce through a fully automated and secure talent matching system with our DreamForce Compass. Our liquid workforce comprises of talents from more than 200 accredited SMPs.

Using our predictive analytics tool, the DreamForce Compass will recommend the optimal workforce mix instantly to optimise cost-savings with ideal workforce breakdown, the optimal hourly rate, and the list of roles required to fill the project that a project manager would otherwise spend hours working on.

Here is where things are different with DreamForce, with our powerful blockchain technology,

  • No longer have to worry about an idling workforce
  • Engage the professional audit services from participants within the network on a plug-and-play basis
  • Transform your organization's cost behavior by leasing out excess internal resources
  • Restrict access to sensitive client work files on a need-to-know project basis
  • Reduce fraud risks by making entries on the blockchain immutable

Challenges we ran into

Disrupting a traditional industry was never going to be easy. The main blockers we faced revolved during the idea generation phase, where we were trying to formulate new ideas that could revolutionise the accounting industry while staying within scope.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In just a short span of 48 hours, we were able to deliver an end-to-end working prototype that sits on multiple platforms to solve a problem that can reduce inefficiency. This would not have been possible without the strong team work and trust we had amongst one another.

What we learned

From this, we really learned that there is no "I in Team". The deliverables would definitely not been materialised if we did not rely on each other's expertise to resolve any barriers that each one of us faced. We also gained a deeper understanding into the complexities of how an accounting firm is being run as well as the dynamics of audit engagements.

What's next for DreamForce - Future of Workforce Powered by BlockChain

The DreamForce roadmap includes an integration with Corsera, transacting professional audit services with cryptocurrency, and a hybrid mobile app that allows project managers to utilise Dreamforce on-the-go.

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