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Our Story

Mechanical design should not be complicated. And yet, there are entire university courses teaching computer-aided design, making the practice inaccessible to many people. At DreamCraft, we designed a way to translate Minecraft files into laser cut paths, simplifying the process of conception to creation.

How it Works

Minecraft is a free video game that anyone can access. This game allows people to create entire landscapes, cities, and geographies through coloured cubes representing a variety of materials. Essentially, Minecraft is a much simpler and much easier to learn platform on which people can create amazing designs. So how does our program work? We turn the Minecraft file into an array using the Pymclevel library. Then we parse that into layers and cut-out outlines. Finally, we use the information to generate a layout PDF and an AutoCAD command script. All that’s left is for you to assemble your design.

User Experience

The user can access us through our website: After clicking the “Get Started” button on the landing page, the user will be taken to a page to upload their Minecraft file. Next, the user will enter the coordinates of a low corner and the opposite high corner, so as to tell the program where in the Minecraft file the desired object is. The website will then display a PDF of the layers and cut-outs of the design as well as the AutoCAD script.

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