This is an alternate dimension that adds its self to our world. Others are competing to gather all 15 of the creatures in order to fulfill there wish.

Whos wish is the strongest. And whos wish will be fulfilled?

The power of hacking and creativity brings these creatures and this dimension into existence.

An underground website that only comes up during the "KHE" hackathons.

Where players may make a wish about what they want to become or create during there hacking session. Players can join a rouge like adventure to collect all 15 of the wish creatures to fulfill their wish.

Player who completes the challenge get there wish posted? Or sent to the KHE admins?

What it does

A rouge like adventure, where players battle magical creatures in another dimension. Collecting them all grants your trueist wish.

How we built it

Hand built c++ web server with scripting, tons of handmade art assets. and redbull.

Challenges we ran into

Figured that a text based adventure would be easier to manage in scope. Damn I was wrong.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The art looks awesome!

What we learned

Game dev is hard

What's next for DreamCatchers

Finishing it.

Built With

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