Mental health is important and it is often neglected. Those who suffer from mental health disorders often develop symptoms during childhood and we all think it is important to represent this in a form that is easily understood by everyone in a form of a video game. Also, getting a good nights sleep is very important and often most people don't get enough proper rest.

What it does

The teddy bear is the protector of the little girl. He makes sure that she is unharmed by shooting the monsters/nightmares with health bullets which drives the away from the little girl's pure innocence.

How we built it

git reset --hard origin/master

Challenges we ran into

above says all T_T

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we revel in the presence of our .gitignore pushed harder than a pregnant woman

What we learned

git rebase git stash git gud ??????? profit.

What's next for Dreamcatcher

merge conflicts

*Will all be included in presentation!!!!!

Built With

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