Our inspiration was Cisco's talk on connectivity and connecting people. Recalling our early mornings yesterday we came up with a wild idea: an app that would help you to easily record a description of your dream, analyse it, and connect you with others that have had similar dreams.

What it does

We have all had the experience of vividly remembering the dream we had right after waking up, only for the memory to fade in 30 minutes. Our mobile app will allow allow you to set up an alarm. After the alarm wakes you up, it will prompt you to record a short audio description of a dream you may have had the night before. We will then transform your voice into text and analyse for keywords and recurring themes and then match you with other people that have had similar dreams.

How we built it

Our application is a combination of an iPhone mobile app front end made with Swift, some Firebase magic for authentication and audio file storage, and a Django back end to handle natural language processing and to match similar dreams.

Challenges we ran into

We overestimated the scope of the project and mistakenly chose technologies we have never worked with and had too many separate interconnecting components. We initially wanted to use Azure's App Service but had to move away from that because we couldn't get Blob Storage to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came up with the idea quite quickly and committed to it from the very start. This afforded us a lot of focused time and didn't let the setbacks hinder our progress too much.

What we learned

  • Don't try to tick off multiple challenges if that requires a big trade-off in terms of increased architectural complexity
  • Have clearer separation between the different components: that would make working in parallel easier
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