Our initial idea was planned to be something along the lines of Women Empowerment but after last night's presentation by Estee Lauder Companies, we were so inspired by the cyberpunk-ish approach they are undertaking for the future of beauty products. So almost in the middle of the hackathon, we decided to pivot and come up with something that supersedes their vision of the future, and hence we built DreamCare.

We wanted to look strongly towards self-care and philanthropy for our product. Considering how dreams can have a major impact on your day subconciously and also relate to real life incidences, you might think you're feeling alright but not really on the inside. We aim to track down these movements and provide analysis on your dream logs, focusing heavily on UX. We care about people and believe it's important to take care of mental health along with your physical fitness. We hope our product will provide you deeper insights into your subconscious mind.

What it does

The DreamCare app helps you record and remember your dreams. Our digitized dream journal allows you to dictate your dream as soon as you wake up. You’ll build a personalized collection of dreams with insightful interpretations.

It’s a morning ritual: The alarm goes off, we groggily open our eyes and promptly forget everything that passed through our mind during the night. It’s estimated that we forget 95 percent of our dreams within five minutes of waking up, meaning we lose a bulk of the weird and potentially insightful stuff we think about while asleep.

Now, with your DreamCare, once you hit the alarm in the morning, you can have the option to record your dreams either by voice or typing. DreamCare will guide you from there.

The more you use the app, the better it gets at visualizing patterns and making connections between your sleep patterns, and how it relates to your daily life.

How we built it

  • React - lots of custom CSS to give users a smooth UI/UX experience
  • Google Cloud - For running our analytics including, entity recognition, text2speech, sentiment analysis, cloud vision, etc. Also for hosting the service from Google App Engine, proving horizontal scalability
  • NodeJs - For running backend using Javascript

Built With

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