When you were in high school did you know what you wanted to be? If so, did you know what direction to take? Millions of high school students don’t know what kind of career path they want to take, other students who know what they want to do, do not know the full range of available options. Our app will give students the opportunity to connect with a diverse number of professionals to explore career fields as well as provide career guidance for various professions. Mentors and students connect and share information at the same time build professional networks for potential volunteer or internship opportunities.


Step 1: Are you a student or professional?

Step 2: If you are student, enter what your dream is, in terms of your future career or things you want to get better at, such as coding or sports

Step 3: If you're a professional, you can view students who are looking for mentors and give them advice on how to achieve their goals

We are a group of students from Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights, LA and this our second Hack for LA!

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