Nowadays, most teams are working from home due to the current pandemic situation in the world. Remote work is trending everywhere and Standup for monday will help those teams improve their productivity further.

With the introduction of new workspace templates and item views, there are more ways to get things done in monday now more than ever. Standup redefines the way teams can work together in monday and it creates all new possibilities to boost productivity and communication within teams.

What it does

Standup is a 100% app that can host asynchronous recurring standups. It comes with an all inclusive "Standup Meetings" workspace template, a board view and an item view widget to help teams automate Standups. All monday teams can get the benefit of Standup regardless of the field they are working on. Anyone can easily integrate Standup to their workspace within a few seconds. All of your standup updates and their comments are stored within the Standup monday board and they do not transfer or store anywhere else ensuring your data is 100% safe.

With Standup you can,

Host asynchronous standups meetings Standup can collect status updates at any given time interval in users local time zone and everyone will be notified when someone posts updates.

Create tailor-made standups for your team Personalize your standup with custom intro, outro messages and custom questions.

Lead your team to success Built on top of your already loving features and boost your team performance with Standup.

Following are the key features of Standup,

Custom Teams: Create multiple standups with different teammates.

Recurring Standups: Set custom time and week days for your standup.

Multiple time-zone Support: Ability to send standup reminders in users local time zone or in a fixed time zone.

Personalization: Set custom intro, outro messages and questions.

Write Comments: Ability to write comments for status updates which makes it more fun and enjoyable.

App Independency: Even if you uninstall the Standup, the data will be still accessible.

Data Security: All standup updates and their replies are stored in the board.

Access Management: Ability to set multiple admins for your standup.

Data Export: Since Standup uses inbuilt monday boards to store data, you can export all updates via inbuilt export to excel feature.

How I built it

Standup was built using React. The Ant Design library was used to create most of the custom UI components in Standup and styles were overridden to match with monday design guidelines. With the support of inbuilt monday JS SDK and GraphQL APIs I was able to query data from front-end. The back-end was built using an express server which utilizes Firebase for the database.

Before integrating with monday APIs, all the UIs were created locally and tested statically to reduce development times. Being the sole developer, it took me around 2 weeks to complete and finish the entire application.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was to find the correct chemistry between different features like board view, item view and workspace templates. After few trials I was able to find a correct match between those features to make a perfect user experience.

From the start, my main goal was to utilize only a monday board to store all status updates and their comments. I did not use the storage APIs either, which makes data dependent with the application. Finding this perfect formula took some time and finally all status updates were stored as inbuilt item updates.

Parsing the item update into a conversation like view was another main challenge I had. After some trial and error attempts, I was able to find a way to convert the status update to a conversation like view and that was a big relief. This also allowed me to add rich text, emoji, gif and user mention support for the status updates as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

At the start of the implementation I had a picture in my mind about how the final app should look like. I was able to find a perfect way to utilize monday features to create a rich user experience. Also, I created a separate website to market the application and proud about the things I was able to achieve within this short period of time being a solo developer.

What's next

Features like dark mode support, real-time updates and item mentions were not able to add due to the limited time and I'm hoping to add these in the future. I'm open for user feedback and Standup will improve further with time.

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