We decided to tackle the Fannie Mae challenge in making home-buying easier and better.

What it does

Our web application allows you to input an address to a potential house you want to buy or a house in a potential neighborhood you'd like to live in. Based on the address, different data statistics will be displayed allowing the user to decide whether or not they'd like to life there.

How we built it

We used a few APIs to gather data on housing in different regions in the U.S. We used Microstrategy Dossier to analyze the data and display it to the user. We used the Google Maps API to integrate a map showing the address in our web app.

Challenges we ran into

The Microstrategy Dossier was down so we ended up having to create graphs manually to use as back-up. It was hard connecting all of our parts together, but very rewarding when we did.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of learning how to use new technologies and APIs and creating an aesthetically pleasing front-end.

What we learned

We learned that sometimes coding small parts of a project can take forever and that the opposite can be true. We learned to stay patient and take breaks and overall to not sweat over any part too much.

What's next for Dream Home

We created a mobile app markup so in the future we can implement a mobile app version. In addition, extra features could be added like AR technologies.

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