Plenty of people hope to travel and explore the world, and it's no surprise that traveling often ends up on bucket lists. However, flights are expensive, and trying to figure out when and to where airline tickets will be cheapest is exhausting.

Our project, Dream-Flight, hopes to make this process easier. By creating a visualization of flight prices and data, we hope to make planning those dream trips simpler. Dream-Flight allows the user to enter their departure location, as well as easily adjustable departure dates, travel duration, and budget. With just a few simple steps, users will see a mapped visualization of airports all over the world that offer flights that fit their travel criteria, marked by circles whose color reflects price point and size reflects destination popularity.

The flight visualization provides a crystal clear view of price points for flights to different locations at different times with just a quick glance. Whether it's a Spring Break vacation with friends, a trip to visit family, or an exploration abroad, finding a dream travel destination becomes easier with Dream-Flight!

Visit to see Dream-Flight in action!

To check out our repo, please visit our GitHub:

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