Looking up patient one by one on mobile app is time-consuming! Also, would you like to know when is the busiest hour for you as a doctor, so you can schedule your day better? What is the commonality between all your patients that might shed lights on your medical research? DrDash will hopefully answer these!

What it does

  1. a "search engine" that enables faster search to fetch patient information
  2. a dashboard displaying the summary of appointment logistics
  3. a data analytics tool to look for patterns across big data

How I built it

backend using Django and frontend using dreamweaver

Challenges I ran into

  1. fetch user input from html form back to Django, in order to actually look up patient information in json file
  2. create staff users that are also API authorized

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the web app is made public using heroku and OAuth is successful

What I learned

creating web app from scratch and get past API authorization

What's next for DrDash

  1. incorporate search feature on web
  2. machine learning using anonymous patient information
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