A few months back during the COVID-19 pandemic, my grandma fall sick and we struggled mentally and financially a lot to stay in hospital for monitoring her health. There is not enough room availability in hospital due to COVID situation, high chances of exposing to COVID, fee is high due to COVID precautions and additional tests for visitors. That struggle inspired me to do something.

What it does

When I explored to solve this problem in healthcare field, found Remote Patient Monitoring as solution. The FHIR standard based application supports to store the data observations of patient frequently with timestamp from home and Practitioner can review the observations values for patient through DrChrono application by fetch the patient data from FHIR server. Then Practitioner can make decisions based on the result values.

How I built it

The Vue Application interacts with Hapi FHIR server to manage the patient observations data like Body Temperature, Body Weight, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate and many more can be added to the list. The application deployed to netlify for review online. RPM FHIR App

Challenges I ran into

Struggled to learn FHIR Server, Resources and Structure.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It will help financially and improves the safety lot of people and Senior Citizens. The Remote Patient Monitoring on FHIR with DrChrono is a complete package.

What I learned

The healthcare field is completely new to me. It was good to learn healthcare technologies. It is interesting to learn a standard like FHIR Server which will be taking the healthcare industry to next level.

What's next for DrChrono Remote Patient Monitoring for COVID Pandemic - FHIR

  • Support Personal Healthcare Devices(PHD) directly submit data into FHIR
  • Notify Practitioner on values crossing the threshold for any observations
  • Charts to show up and downs of values visually

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