What if an AI tutor could encourage kids - especially K-3 - to spend more time writing stories on paper... because it's as magical as casting spells - and the coolest educational app ever!

(This also works for anyone learning foreign languages.)

What it does


DrawmaticAR is an AI-powered iOS/Android app that turns what you write on real paper into 3D Augmented Reality stories!

We think DrawmaticAR is a great creative activity that mixes good old offline writing with screen time in an educational and exciting way.


We want to help kids understand the "let's save lives" impact of social distancing with a COVID19 special mode. If you write "COVID19" on magic paper you will see the animated comic made by Dr Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris and, when you tap the characters, dialogue as read by Amazon Polly Neural Text to Speech voices: Joey and Salli. You can also make it more fun by using all the features of DrawmaticAR!

For example, you can assign your K-2 student the prompt for, "What are you eating at home from school and who do you want to write with?"

At-Home Schooling:

We have also added features that make at-home-schooling easier. We have inspirational AR index cards that give grade-appropriate creative writing prompts, such as:

That one actually invokes our experimental Google Poly mode, loading up all kinds of fine curated 3D models made by the community! (It's experimental because Google has deprecated support and though things seem to work, but let's see... I hope they bring Poly back - Google Poly API is one of the most useful runtime 3D model loading APIs that's indie developer friendly!)

Also, when you tap each highlighted word, you can learn it in 6 different languages!

Finally, you can easily look back on perfectly cropped snippets of what your student has written by checking out your offline on-device Photo Album. This is also coming soon on DrawmaticAR Cloud. :)

Download DrawmaticAR for your iOS or Android device and join us on our journey to make remote education fun with an AI tutor who reads the stories you write to dramatizes them into life! Live updates of awesome new features are released weekly to our Testflight!

What's next for DrawmaticAR COVID19 Special Mode with Remote School Features

DrawmaticAR Cloud!

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