Riding the subway and seeing posters and pictures marked up with mustaches I thought there is something visceral about this process. Why not make it automatic using augmented reality. The next time your parent or boss is yelling at you, wouldn't it be great to have a big mustache and silly eyes on their face?

It is fun for the whole family. Everyone will be fighting for the Moverio and trying out the latest set of wacky props. (Okay maybe mom's won't like it!).

The code consists of facial recognition software that calculates where each face is and how it is oriented and then places a 3D prop on it with the correct orientation, location, and scaling. The see through nature of augmented reality allows for the viewing of both the face as well as the set of props. The user can select which prop gets placed on which location. There are a variety of 3D props and the current locations are chin, mouth, upper lip, eyes, and head. Unity for Android provides an easy way to draw 3D objects in real-time. The lower resolution VGA camera on the Moverio is very similar to older webcams used in products like Logitech Video Effects Software.

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