Once Upon a Time was a mobile phone with hundred of apps and contacts. User of phone, spend lot of time to found the app that he want. "I wish I had an app, that I could use it from all over of my phone to find my apps and my contacts easily", he said...

What it does, I had the idea of Drawie. An app that you are able to call your contacts and launch your apps, simply by drawing a key on your display, no matter what you are doing. Drawie is a fun and effective creation to help you with repetitive phone calls and apps. It is speed dialing and launching with an artistic twist. Open Drawie, insert your contact or app and match it with a key. Every time that you draw this key, you are dailing your contact or launching your app. You can search into google ,too.

How I built it

Drawie is built on Eclipse, using myScript text recognition atk (Application Toolkit - Single Character). All information about contacts and apps is saved in sqlite database. All screens, logos and buttons created in photoshop.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge I faced was to keep the service of the app alive no matter what user was doing. The difficult part was to keep the performance of mobile device in same level.

What's next for Drawie

Drawie is available, at the moment, for devices with Android OS. First I thought to use handwriting recognition only for launching the apps. But the fasma of idea of handwriting recognition is very large. When I was developing the app , I was thinking about calls,emails, sms etc. So for the next versions of Drawie I am going to: 1) add the functionality for sms and emails 2) filling lists of apps and contacts automatically by starting letter 3) make user able to create handwriting messages and recover them at any time

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