Simply amazing product and too late of the time to fill in all this data here. In a couple of hours

What it does

Let you search fashion items from the real life. Take a picture and we will let you know to find such an item online. Even more! We can find something similar, but with specific attributes like in different aesthetic or color.

How we built it

Android application, backend side with some Tensorflow Model, Spotify Annoy for search index and lots of APIs to empower it

Challenges we ran into

GANs are not mature, but still lots of fun to play with Training big models take some time, frameworks also change their APIs pretty fast

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Awesome android app, cool internal product embeddings that allow us to do even more specific searches of similar products in combination with attributes like color and styles

What we learned

What's next for draw2fashion

Global International expansion and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Built With

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