44.7 million immigrants have moved to the United States in 2018 alone. 5.3 million foreign-born immigrants are present in Europe. Among them, estimated 10 percentage of population has little to none skill in speaking their located countries' native languages. It will cause them a big trouble in buying groceries.

In the United States, immigrants from China had to live in Chinatown because they have zero ideas on how to buy groceries outside their town. Immigrants from Central America suffered the same problem. Though google translator might help in these cases, however, "psychologists found that sketching new information resulted in it being memorized more effectively than it would have been by simply writing it down," according the article from Psychologist World link.).

Therefore, I present draw your grocery, a mobile app, which can help low income immigrant to buy their groceries when they step into the groceries store. It will shorten the period of time for immigrants from their country to find groceries in an effective manner. And it will of course, boost their confidence in finding groceries in a grocery store with cheap accessible groceries.

What it does

It lets the user to send a picture to a mobile phone number. And the mobile phone backend will reply the grocery store which sells the product to the item in the picture.

How I built it

The app consists of two parts:

1) A Twilio front-end, which allows users to post picture through the number and

2) A Google Auto-Vision powered backend which helps to identify the grocery and the backend also helps user to find a local grocery store so they can buy groceries.

Challenges I ran into

None. I have done similar app before. It's a deja vu for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We manage to finish it on time.

What I learned

I have learned that it is hard to brainstorm ideas like this.

What's next for Draw Your Groceries

We will add Swift ARkit to Draw Your Groceries. We will use Android Studio so that the groceries can come to live with Augmented Realities.

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