Dialing while driving everyday is important and unsafe! I had to find a way to safely make my phone calls where Siri didn't really help

What it does

Searches phone contacts fully or partially by simply drawing letters, smart guess of next contact priorities where the app learns over multiple usage, And easy custom organizing by tags using record markers.

How I built it

Using Apple's Objective-C for iOS targeting the iPhone only. I used the myScript ATK libraries. Specifically the Single character recognition function (Superimposed mode for all, Isolated mode for Arabic language). I managed to provide a custom time-out function between drawing characters and searching contacts.

Challenges I ran into

Using relatively limited processor/memory resources and having to do a lot of multi-threading to make the app look instantly fast while maintaining a large number of records. Timing out the (1)letter recognition and (2)starting the search needed fine-tuning until best results were reached.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Literary, every download of the app means one more life to save. In addition, the App does machine learning when it excels after usage where it reaches a point of self learning that you only need to draw a single letter to find your contact. A great plus towards simple dialing while driving.

What I learned

Using multiple resources such as MyScript and iOS can make miracles :-) That said, I can say also that the concept of machine learning is and will be the standard in future generation software where a smart assistant is always expected.

What's next for Draw & Dial

A much greater challenge I dream of is SMS messaging while driving. It will need an extraordinary amount of creativity, and maybe more powerful hardware resources, Moreover, I'm thinking of a next-level shared contacts, More like CRM-Mobile where account/project staff can share contact timings and notes while driving.

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