Draw a Dog Tuesday is something we have been doing for years. Now we want to make it official and create an application that will allow people to draw and share a dog with ease.

How we built it

We built everything from scratch, no bootstrap or CMSs. We started with planning our project and defining our scope, as well as defining features and limitations. Then we moved to brainstorming and sketching, created hifi mockups, and started implementation as soon as we had enough designs.

Challenges we ran into

We used a few new technologies we weren't familiar with and collaborating with other members through Github proved to create some conflicts. However, we pulled through.

What's next for Draw a Dog Tuesday

Everything we made is live and out there on the web. Anyone is welcome to use the platform, and we know we certainly will. We hope that we can develop this into a mobile application and evolve it from a responsive web applications. There were also stretch goals that we would want to meet as well.

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