Starbucks mobile ordering app accounts for over 55% of their total sales, but most small-medium-businesses do not have the means to create their own mobile app. That's why we created a marketplace to connect customers with businesses using Square.

What it does

1.) Allows customers to order ahead at their favorite bars, coffee shops, & food trucks.; 2.) The order is then received/fulfilled via the business' Square Point Of Sale terminals.; 3.) And the business can send the customer a mobile notification when the order is fulfilled and ready for pick-up!

How we built it

With love using React, Node.js, AWS, & Square APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Having the workflow work without the need for a separate tablet for the business.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Allowing our business partners to complete the entire workflow using only their Square POS terminals!

What we learned

Square's APIs are incredibly powerful!

What's next for Drank

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