After deep research of the small business needs, we realised that 28% of businesses don't even have a website!

Many others that have the website don't really benefit from the most recent and outstanding achievements of the industry: mobile applications, push notifications, omnichannel content management, separate commerce systems.

In many cases, small business doesn't have enough money to pay for infrastructure and services. So, the solution must be based on the CMS and commerce systems that provide a cheap entry tier to start with and then scale as the business grows.

What it does

Now, our solution is a boilerplate to start with the Contentful and BigCommerce without a huge effort required. The only thing you need - provide credentials for the services. Contentful has a free starting tier. BigCommerce starts at $29.95 a month.

The solution contains a set of components that can be easily re-used and managed by businesses. Also, It can be easily scaled, because API first approach has been used to create components, so it will be easy to implement a new theme or a view for a component.

How we built it

We started with PWA Nuxt.js application that utilizes Vue Storefront UI and integrates with APIs or Contentful and BigCommerce. We then integrated OneSignal to send push notifications to end-users.

Challenges we ran into

  • We had multiple issues making the site fully PWA
  • We tried to configure GraphQL Gateway using GraphQL federation, but unfortunately, it had become too complex due to the fact that Contentful's and BigCommerce's schemas don't support federation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Combination of Contentful & BigCommerce under one hood
  • Push notifications for our PWA app

What we learned

  • Infrastructure cost with Docker containers is too high for small businesses, we should use static pages instead to reduce the cost
  • It's really easy to build integrations with both BigCommerce and Contentful

What's next for Draniki Store

  • More components to be done to cover checkout flow and most popular business scenarios
  • Scripted scaffolding of structure within Contentful and BigCommerce systems
  • Bring community to help extend the components and create themes for website
  • Become a SaaS project to join MACH alliance 😉

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