By using Blockchain InterPlanetary File Systems (IPFS), DrameBase is transforming how media content—such as music, video, and other types of entertainment—is delivered, consumed, and paid for. Complex, customized content and service bundles are beyond the capabilities of current technologies. Managing digital rights, royalty collections, and transactions across a large number of intermediaries is particularly complex in today's digital ecosystems. The use of a Blockchain, and its shared ledger approach, can help to improve the media supply chain and decrease copyright infringements by adding transparency, security, and control. It will reduce copyright infringements in music streaming, where publishers and songwriters often accuse music streaming services like Spotify, Napster, and Pandora of not paying them everything they're owed, missing up to 25% of streaming royalties. DrameBase will enable content creators—such as musicians or writers—to directly distribute their work to consumers, bypassing traditional distribution channels and leaving a larger share of the revenue for content creators themselves. This could impact everyone from large media houses to independent bloggers, helping artists form a direct relationship with consumers.

DrameBase aims to: Improve organization calculation and financial summary Eliminate fraud Digitally record media purchases on a shared, immutable ledger. Reduce Promotion costs Streamline inventory management, billing, and invoicing. Increase transparency Automate royalty payments, verify digital supply chain participants, and more.

Our Objective DrameBase seeks to construct the infrastructure from the ground up in a highly network-efficient and low-latency way, leveraging cutting-edge distributed ledger technologies of IPFS and the immutable nature of distributed smart contracts on Ethereum. As we also understand the importance of a simple userface, we intend to engineering a very simpleee and interactive user interface to improve our users users experience.

The DrameBase core development team, which is directed by a group of dedicated industry leaders in software development in partnership with Origne an SaaS company, is presently working on: The API, smart contracts, and transactional databases. The Artist and Fan web panels for content management and cryptocurrency payments. The DrameBase player for web, Android, and iOS is also being developed.


We believe in building enterprise-grade solutions that are scalable and dependable in practice as excellent technology-driven innovators, engineers, and computer scientists.

Technology stack of DrameBase platform: API: node.js File storage: IPFS public and own nodes, Transactional data storage: PostgreSQL database Immutable storage and payments processing: Web player and Artist/Fan panel: javascript React app with Ethereum lightwallet, Android player coded in Kotlin iOS Player coded in Swift

What next

DrameBase is looking to get Grants to fund the web app development and marketing, to facilitate partnership with record labels.

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