After the Twitter battle between Burger King and McDonalds, thousands of angry tweets were made about them. As a result, their reputation was tarnished. We realized that "Twitter beef" can prove to be an indicator of their public image.

What it does

Drama Stocks predict stock prices based on the relationship between historical data of companies' stocks and their wins and losses in Twitter wars.

How we built it

Drama Stocks is built using Flask for our backend. We utilized the Twitter API to retrieve tweet information from S&P 500 companies and used Quandl to obtain historical stock information. Using TextBlob, we were able to get the sentiment analysis of each tweet. We created an algorithm that integrates the data and decides whether one should buy or sell the stock. This is then compared to the Dow Jones Index.

Challenges we ran into

Making use of the IBM Bluemix proved to be difficult because the software had difficulty integrating with the web app. We also had bugs with Azure not integrating well with Github, but that was resolved after a couple of hours.

What's next for DramaStocks

We want to add the ability to automatically buy stocks since our current version only tells you whether you should buy or not.

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